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This week's focus rendering is by Fenghua Zhong:


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Concept art by Clint Clearly.

Fablehatch is a gifted artist community in which many industry professionals will gather together to share their digital art, illustration and concept art. If you are a digital artist or even just a fan of digital art, this website could be an excellent resource for finding all the best new digital artists across the world. Not only can you get regular updates about some of the latest concept art, 3-D images and digital art resources, but a wealth of blogs and information about Digital Art tutorials, new programs and more.

Some of the posts that you will generally see on fable hatch include:

Amazing countdown posts: Fablehatch curators are constantly scouring the Internet for all of the best new action illustrations, concept art and 3-D art from across the world. You can get countdown post of some of the best action illustrations that have come out in the past month as well as some of the coolest female designs, 3d renderings and more.

Concept art by Mikhail Borulko.

Artist spotlights: Fablehatch regularly recognizes professional artists in their artist Spotlight section. This section of the website is dedicated to some of the most professional and gifted artists in the community. Here you can see not only some of their illustrations but gain some insight into how they produce such astounding digital art.

Creature/character designs: creature and character designs including female figures, monsters and more will showcase some of the best new images for character designs and exclusive concept art. Not only can you see some of the concept art for upcoming films and characters but you can also see fan dedications and renderings of famous characters throughout history/ pop culture.

Video tutorial section: a blog and video tutorial section will teach you the basics of digital art for yourself as well as how to use some of the latest software options available online.

Featured section: FableHatch will update with all of the most exclusive digital art, illustration and concept art in its featured section. This section will show off some of the best new featured and exclusive articles from Fablehatch.

For all of these reasons and more, if you are a professional digital artist or an enthusiast, you should consider checking out Fablehatch today!